Does DQM produce at its own facilities?

Yes, we have our own facilities in Guangzhou, China. But, most of our products are produced at Chinese partner-factories. Companies, we have been cooperating with over the last 15 years. In the following cases, we produce/assemble at our own facilities:

  1. Customers need smaller numbers of highly complicated products like electronic test cabinets
  2. Customers want maximum protection of their IP.
  3. The products need our own specialised knowledge, equipment and/or experience like in the case of lighting solutions, electro-optics or sensor technology.

For us it is important that you, being the customer, can choose the option that fits you best.

Can you source other products then shown on your website?

Yes, our website shows just a selection of our products and services. In several cases, confidentiality prevents us to reveal projects, we work on. But that does not mean that we cannot provide them. Please feel free to send any inquiry to us on products or services that you need. We’ll be back to you within 1 working day.

Can you lasercut metalparts for a smartphone?

Yes. Together with you as our customer, we choose for the most suitable production technologies and materials to fullfill your requirements (tolerances, costs and lead time). Lasercutting, CNC machining, lathing, stamping. etc. are all available.

What is the main business of the DQM Group?

It depends a bit on the seasons, but currently we rank our products and services as follows:

  1. Cable Assembly (electrical cables)
  2. Design and production of electronics, sensors, power systems and electro-optics.
  3. Metal and Plastic Parts: housings or enclosures for electronic equipment and related locks and hardware.
  4. Bags and Cases: Customer specific protective packing for tools, electronics and optical equipment.
  5. Led Lighting: Customer specific solutions for light sources and lighting control.
  6. Consultancy and support on IP protection, Product Approval, Quality Control / Quality Management and Problem Solving

Can you get us special USB cables for android development?

Yes, we can basically make any cable. Not only all USB cables. We can make any cable assembly if it is based on wires, cables and connectors or terminals that are currently available in the market. And we can design and produce your own connecors. This includes Sub D Cables, coiled Cables, DIN Cables, Power Cords, anything.

The DQM Group consists currently out of 3 companies. Which company shall I contact?

DQM BV, DQM China Ltd. in Hong Kong and the Guangzhou Rep. Office in China work closely together. Send your email with your questions to and we’ll be back to you within 24 hours.

Can you provide cables with gold plated contacts?

Yes, actually we just shipped a batch of highly flexible cables with gold plated SPH-002GW-P0.5S contacts from JST. And our telephone and patch cables have standard gold plated contacts, with thicknesses of 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 microns.